Now Available is Dr. Max Anders's:

The 7 MARKS of a Complete Christian Program
"A complete biblical discipleship
program for churches and small groups"

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"YES"...BIBLE 101 does turn the ALPHABET SOUP of the BIBLE into ABC's!

Whether you are developing a "new" or "renewed" interest in the Bible you are welcome to join us in our exciting 2500+ year Biblical adventure.

We study the story and historical timeline of the Bible. We look at the events, when they happened, the people, the places, the geopgraphy and how they are all related in the Bible.

Bible 101 creates a whole new view and perspective of the story in this greatest book ever written...the BIBLE.

Please "SPREAD THE WORD"!!! Everyone is welcome to join - your friends or associates might like to attend and participate. That would be GREAT!

Books, materials, etc. will be available in class. All that is needed is "YOU"!

Please contact us to RSVP or if you have any questions.